We offer aircraft for rental to qualified/ experienced pilots.

A check-out with one of our instructors with a valid certificate and medical plus a signed rental agreement will qualify you for rental reservations.

While student training is our top priority available aircraft are offered for rental based on availability/ student scheduling.

Available Options

  • Half-day Rentals
  • Full-day Rentals
  • Discounted 5hr pre-paid rental time blocks
  • Discounted 10hr pre-paid rental time blocks

For available pre-paid rental time blocks ask a MAC rep for details.


Piper Warrior 2
Piper Warrior II PA-28-161 4 Seat

Piper Warrior PA28-161
Piper Warrior II PA-28-161 4 Seat GPS Capable with Garmin 430W

Give the Meriden Aviation Center a Call Today at 1-203-648-4870