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Our Students

The big Kahuna

Our Students

You know what? We love flying,and we love teaching people who want to learn how to fly!

From the first test ride up to the the first solo as a fully-fledged private pilot (or CFI, or for Instrument Rating, or Commercial Pilot...), this is trip is always a blast! You will always have great instructors you can work with, our planes are well maintained, our facilities include a Redbird simulator, so even bad weather isn't a barrier, and the experience is always amazingly fun.
We've trained so many students, and our grads are terrific!

Some of our recent successes!

Michael BelcourtNew Pilot Alert 🚨‼
️Congratulations, Mike Belcourt on getting 100 💯on your written exam and receiving your Private Pilot License‼️. We are so happy for you
️Thank you, CFI Anna for getting him there!

Alex DillsCongratulations Alex Dills on receiving your PPL‼️
Great job CFI, Anna on getting him there!! Kudos you two!

charles liuCongratulations to Charles Liu on receiving his PPL yesterday ‼️ Enjoy the many flights ahead!
️What a week, CFI Hunter Williams had… getting three students to checkride AND passing in one week!

David LassilaDavid Lassila!!!
Congratulations on your first SOLO!
Great job CFI Zev!!!!!

Michael SchnittCongratulations, Michael Schnitt on receiving your Private Pilot License!!!🎉🎉🎉.
Bravo and Thank You CFI, Hunter Williams!

Avery TaitAnother Private Pilot!
Congratulations Avery Tait!
Thank you for trusting our school to help you achieve a goal!
CFI James Rosborough, you are awesome!

Chris ConstantinoA new Private Pilot!
Congratulations Chris Constantino!
So much hard work, dedication, and patience!
Thank you DPE Bob Nardiello and CFI Zev Dekoff for getting Chris to the finish line!!!

Brian WallaceOur newest solo student, Brian Wallace!
Congrats on your first three solo take offs and landings
Thank you CFI Zev Dekoff!

Flight Training

Introductory Flight

The first step in the process of learning to fly is the introductory flight, your first time at the controls learning the basics.

Private Pilot License

Private Pilot License

We love aviation and have extensive experience. Our environment is casual and friendly, and we tailor your training to meet your needs.

Redbird LD

Redbird Training

We now offer Redbird Simulator Training. Come try our FAA approved the Redbird LD Advanced Aviation Training Device!

About Us

Take a look at our video

If you are looking for a terrific source for rustic, hand-made benches, tables, clothes racks, and candleholders, visit the country bench at https://www.thecountrybench.com


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Meriden Aviation Center